2020/2021 Prom Dress Registration


Due to the cancellation of so many proms in 2020, I have decided to re-register prom gowns bought for 2020 proms that were unable to be worn.  Please understand that I am going to do my best to honor all registrations and keep duplicate gowns from going to the same prom this year.    However, there are MANY variables in this re-registration process.  That being said, I cannot FULLY guarantee that no duplicate gowns from Formalities will show up at certain proms.   Please bear with me through this process as it is new territory for all of us.  I truly will make every effort to make this work.  I would appreciate your understanding and patience.  ~Tracina




  1. Gown MUST have been purchased between 11/1/19 and 4/1/20 from FORMALITIES directly.  
  2. Gown may only be registered and worn by the same client who purchased it.  No registrations will be accepted for gowns that were sold to other people, siblings, etc.  
  3. Gown may only be registered for the SAME SCHOOL it was registered for last year.  It can be registered for a different DANCE within the same school. (IE:  Gown was registered for Junior prom last year and will be worn for Senior prom this year within the same school.)
  4. All registrations must be done through this form.  No phone calls, emails or messages through social media will be considered a registration.
  5. All registrations will be verified to be sure they are for the same school and client.  If they are not, the gown will not be registered.
  6. Registrations will only be accepted through 11/7/20.  NO LATE REGISTRATIONS WILL BE HONORED!!  NO EXCEPTIONS!


Please fill out the following form if you purchased a 2020 Prom dress from FormalitiesbyTF: