NEW CLIENTS: I may be being optimistic BUT I am currently taking appointments for NEW WEDDING CLIENTS (Bridal, Moms Tux pickouts and Bridesmaids) starting 6/1/20. Please use our appointment form at or call me at 814-357-2060 Tuesdays and Fridays 10-2 to schedule! If by chance we are allowed to open prior to 6/1/20, you may call and reschedule for an earlier time once our doors are reopened. We just want to hit the ground running!!! I am sure that there will be safety protocols in place when we are allowed to reopen. To be proactive, we are going to limit all appointments to the client and ONE other person. Keep in mind we will GLADLY set up a FACETIME or ZOOM for anyone who can't be here in person! I understand this will be difficult with bridesmaids but I feel it is how we are going to need to proceed at this time. We will also be only taking a certain amount of appointments at any one time to keep down the amount of people in the shop. We will be following all CDC guidelines to keep each of you and our staff SAFE!

FITTING APPOINTMENTS: To our existing clients waiting for FITTING APPOINTMENTS, I am not going to schedule these until we are SURE of an opening date. Two of my "retired" seamstresses will be joining our normal two seamstresses to help turn around these fittings in the shorter timelines. We have a plan...just waiting to see when we are allowed to get it under way. Once you see we are allowed to reopen, please call me and get a time scheduled! Don't worry! WE GOT THIS!

PROM TUX CLIENTS: If you have already rented a tux, please hold tight to see if your dance is rescheduled. Once you have a reschedule date, we can just change the date of your rental in our system. If for some reason your prom is cancelled COMPLETELY, please call us ONCE WE REOPEN to work out a refund. We cannot process refunds at this time. If you have not ordered your tux yet, NO WORRIES! Once we reopen, we will be able to get you a tux in a very shortened time period. Stay tuned for more info concerning new tux clients once we reopen. We will probably do these by appointment as well. Again, WE GOT THIS!

WEDDING TUX CLIENTS: If you have already rented tuxes and your date has changed, please call or message me RIGHT AWAY so I may change the rentals to the new date. If you have not picked out tuxes yet for your upcoming wedding, please set an appointment as outlined in the first paragraph above.

PROM CLIENTS WHO HAVE NOT PURCHASED YET: Please just keep an eye out on our social media to see when we are allowed to reopen. WE STILL HAVE TONS OF GOWNS IN STOCK! I am fairly certain we will have to do appointments for you as well and will be limiting the amount of people allowed to come with you. Please just stay tuned for more info!!

BRIDESMAIDS, NEW AND CURRENT: If you have NOT ordered or picked out your gown yet for an upcoming wedding, we have been having alot of our clients choose their gowns online and calling in to place these orders. I will personally look at the gown you have chosen and go over your choice with you, IE the fit, the structure, etc. We will then give you instructions on how to measure yourself and order from this info. We can do this all over the phone. Brides--if you would like to discuss any bridesmaid information, please feel free to contact me to create a plan!

SHIPPING: As of right now, almost all of our shipments are coming in a timely fashion. WOOOHOOO! If for some reason your gown is delayed, you will hear from me directly. I am coming in twice a week to take deliveries and will call you as soon as your gown arrives! (Honestly, this is my fav part of my days at the shop right now--love talking to our clients!)

EXISTING CLIENT PAYMENTS DUE: I am asking that if you have an overdue balance on any item at the shop that you call me Tuesdays or Fridays 10-2 to make that payment over the phone. I am trying to keep the backside of Formalities running as normal as possible and I need your help to do so. If you are uncomfortable making a payment over the phone, call me and we can discuss other options. A HUGE THANK YOU to those who have already called and paid your balances!! YOU ROCK! Also, if you are having a hard time making your overdue payment, contact me!!! We are all in this crazy time together. I will work with you to make arrangements that you are comfortable with. WE GOT THIS!

As always, I am available by Facebook Messenger at our shop page or by email at I am checking these multiple times daily and will get back to you right away! You may also comment below with any questions you may have and will try to answer them right away. Putting your question on comments may help others who have the same question! And NO QUESTION is stupid. We are all in this together and trying to navigate through uncharted waters.

On a side note, I am sitting at the shop currently and just took a phone call from a bride's mom. She asked the simple question of "How are you handling things?" Out of nowhere the tears response...I MISS MY CLIENTS! I miss the life you bring into this humble building. I miss talking to you. I miss watching your face light up when you FEEL GOOD in something you have put on. I miss hearing your engagement stories. I miss the interaction with each and every one of you. I miss the "treasure hunt" of finding the perfect gown for you. I miss the tears I shed when someone in the wedding party starts tearing up (SUCH a sympathy crier..ugh). I MISS YOU!!!!

So just a pre-warning/PSA, if I call you for some reason, I may talk too much because I miss each and everyone of you that have blessed me by trusting us to help you make your dreams become realities at Formalities.

HUGS to each of you and one last time--WE GOT THIS!

With much love,